Gender and the South African labour market: A scoping study of the possibilities that South African tax data holds for advancing understanding and policy

by Kezia Lilenstein & Amina Ebrahim  

This scoping study has three primary objectives. First, it provides an overview of the South African literature focussed on the gender-dynamics of the labour market, including gender-based employment discrimination, wage distribution, occupational segregation, job turnover, the gender-wage gap and labour demand. The gaps in the South African literature are identified. Second, we provide an overview of the South African Revenue Services (SARS) tax data which has recently been made available. Lastly, we identify feasible gender-based studies which were previously limited due to the paucity of tax administrative data and inhibited the replication of international studies in South Africa.  The recommendations from the paper will provide context to the call for research proposals in the upcoming round of funding under the Inequality and Public Revenue Work Streams of the Southern Africa -Towards Inclusive Economic Development project.