Policy Brief
by Faaiqa Hartley, Bruno Merven, Channing Arndt, and Gregory Ireland
The global energy system is shifting to cleaner technologies in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As part of its climate commitments, South Africa has also pledged to cut emissions. As the power sector...
November 2020
Climate and energy
Policy Brief
by Bernard Tembo, Hambulo Ngoma, Sydney Sihubwa, Patrick Lupiya, Ignatius Masilokwa, Mulako Kabisa, Mulima Nyambe-Mubanga, and Faaiqa Hartley
The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events is projected to increase in the Southern African region. In Zambia, climate change could negatively impact economic growth, agricultural production, and energy supply. Zambia’s dependence on rainfed...
November 2020
Climate and energy
Research Brief
Much work has been done on inequality in South Africa, but to date the literature that assesses the dynamic response of income or wealth distribution to economic policy actions is almost non-existent. This information gap...
October 2020
Macro modelling
Ludvig Wier
Corporate taxation is at the heart of economic development, and cardiac failure looms if international tax reform is not made globally inclusive
August 2020
Enterprise development