Exporters and Global Value Chains Participation: An Empirical Assessment of South African Firms

Elvis Avenyo, Gideon Ndubuisi and Caio Mazzi
May 2020

In this document, we present with further detail the research design and methodology to be used for this research. Our research will use the South African Revenue Service and National Treasury Firm-Level Panel (SARS-NT) to investigate how Global Value Chain (GVC) related trade has affected the export performance of manufacturing firms in South Africa. Our research will also examine how the involvement in one specific GVC, i.e., mining-related manufacturing, has influenced the performance of South African firms. We will begin by combining existing classifications of internationally traded products to identify different categories of goods, of which one ('customized products’) associates more closely with fragmented trade. We then proceed to compare the productivity premium of international traders for these different categories and, finally, investigate possible differences in learning-by-exporting effects across the identified categories of goods.

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