Firm and products survival analysis

Syden Mishi, Ncwadi, Weliswa Matekenya and Roselyn Karambakuwa
May 2020

Small to medium enterprises are considered a vehicle for employment creation and unlocking of growth potential for many economies, with Sub Saharan African countries not an exception. However, the survival of the firms and products (mainly in the export market) is not well documented to inform SMMEs development strategy and export growth strategy respectively. Using the South African tax administrative datasets for firms, we propose to use parametric and non-parametric methods to analyse survivor function and the hazard (exit) rate of firms and exported products on the whole sample and by groups (such as sector, firm size, province). South Africa will be able to understand survival rate of small to medium enterprises across different sectors estimated with robust techniques (than descriptive statistics usually relied upon). South African products survival in export market- and the overall determinants of survival to inform firms’ support strategy are the key issues investigated. In the wake of fourth industrial revolution (4IR), a trend on survival in relation to technology will be ascertained to ensure that South African firms and their products are competitive. 

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