SA-TIED Senior Economist Murray Leibbrandt featured on eNCA News Hour

Timothy Shipp
24 October 2018

SA-TIED economist, Murray Leibbrandt, appeared on a South African national broadcast Wednesday, where he spoke to anchor, Shahan Ramkissoon about the SA-TIED programme and its ongoing work.

Murray Leibbrandt is a leader in SA-TIED's Turning the tide on inequality work stream, a researcher for UNU-WIDER, and a professor of economics at Cape Town University. He has worked extensively in South Africa on a range of important issues and is the Director Ex Officio at the Southern African Labour and Development Research Unit in Cape Town. 

Prof. Leibbrandt responded to public interest in SA-TIED after South Africa's Finance Minister, Tito MBoweni, lifted up the programme in his Medium Term Budget Policy Speech to parliament earlier in the day. Mboweni explained that SA-TIED is an important element in upgrading the coordinating and economic planning capacity of the South African state, it helps younger officials to become more educated and to increase their expertise, and it creates cutting-edge research for policymakers. Leibbrandt expands on those themes and describes how SA-TIED will achieve its ultimate goal of improving opportunities for inclusive economic development in South Africa.