07 Jun 2019 / 09:00 to 11:00
National Treasury of South Africa, 20th floor, 240 Madiba St, Pretoria, Data Lab
Technical workshop

Learning to use tax data for policy research - the individual panel

This event is a capacity building workshop for National Treasury staff from the Economic Policy and Tax Policy units and SA-TIED researchers working with the individual panel derived from South Africa's tax administrative data. The workshop will be led by the National Treasury's Chief Director for Economic Tax Analysis and SA-TIED researcher Christopher Axelson.

Mr. Axelson was a crucial part of the team that constructed the data panel now housed on the 20th floor of the National Treasury. These data are now being used for original research on a range of economic policy issues. Attendees of the workshop will learn about the data available in the individual panel, its uses and limitations for policy analysis, and other tools in data analysis. Click here to learn more about the data

To learn more about the individual panel, download SA-TIED Working Paper #36, The creation of an individual-level panel using administrative tax data in South Africa by Christopher Axelson and Amina Ebrahim.