15 Oct 2019 / 08:30 to 16:30
National Treasury, Secure Data Facility, 20th Floor, 240 Madiba Street, Pretoria
Technical workshop

SA-TIED synthetic data training course

SA-TIED will hold a 2-day synthetic data training course for policy and research officials in the National Treasury of the Republic of South Africa to support national capacity to manage and use economic data for evidence-based policy making. 

The event will be attended by SA-TIED research assistants, staff from the National Treasury's Economic Policy and Tax Policy units, and UNU-WIDER's research staff stationed at the secure data lab in Pretoria, South Africa. 

The objective of the event is to increase the capacity of South African officials and institutions to manage economic data and to carry out policy-relevant research in their day-to-day work. More specifically, the training course will cover the theory on synthetic data, methods of analysis, and computer-based training on using R to carry out statistical analysis. This event is being carried out by the SA-TIED work stream on Public revenue mobilization for inclusive development

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