03 Jul 2019 / 10:00 to 11:00
National Treasury, 240 Madiba street (20th floor), Pretoria South Africa
Research seminar

Seminar — The role of exports and innovation in creating employment

Karmen Naidoo will present her research findings on the role that innovation and exports play in employment creation at the level of the South African firm. Her presentation will share the research results of her working paper under the SA-TIED programme's work stream on Enterprise development for employment creation and growth.

The research seminar is a part of the SA-TIED Seminar Series organized in conjunction with UNU-WIDER, SARS, and the National Treasury to assist in sharing new and ongoing research from the SA-TIED programme with policy staff at the NT and SARS. The seminar series is also intended to assist in the capacity building efforts of the programme and its partners in South African government. 

The research seminar will be based on a forthcoming SA-TIED Working Paper entitled 'Firm-level Employment Growth in South Africa: The Role of Innovation and Exports' and is open to SA-TIED programme participants and staff working in the economics cluster in South Africa.