14 Jun 2019 / 14:00 to 15:00
National Treasury, 20th floor, Room 2053 240 Madiba Street, Pretoria
Research seminar

Seminar — Climate change mitigation and electricity resource planning in South Africa

Bryce McCall and Bruno Merven present their research findings on South Africa's least-cost options for climate change mitigation to research staff and policy officials at the National Treasury. The research was carried out under the SA-TIED programme's work stream on Climate change and energy transition as drivers of change in partnership with the University of Cape Town's Energy Research Centre. The working paper by Bryce McCall and Bruno Merven's team on the topic has recently been featured in the Financial Mail and Bryce was interviewed for the SABC. Using a linked energy-economy model called TIMES, their work lays out the most cost-effective resource planning strategy for South Africa to meet its future energy needs and also meet Paris Accord targets for emissions reductions. 

SA-TIED Working Paper #29 is available for download here

The research seminar will be based on the findings of the working paper and is open to SA-TIED programme participants and staff working in the economics cluster in South Africa.