Technical workshop
10 Nov 2023 / 10:00 to 15:35
Climate and energy
The Southern Africa – Towards Inclusive Economic Development (SA-TIED) programme will host a work-in-progress workshop for Workstream 5: Food, Energy, and Water in a Context of Climate Change at Stellenbosch University. This workshop, scheduled for...
Working paper
By Xolela Dlikilili and Johan van Rooyen
This paper analyses the competitive trends of the South African citrus industry, making use of the relative trade advantage model to calculate such competitive trends over time. The data to measure competitive performance was obtained...
May 2018
Climate and energy
Working paper
Lateef Olalekan Bello
Substance abuse is a significant public concern for global society. Using the National Income Dynamic Study wave four data, this study applies the multinomial endogenous switching regression technique to examine the impact of substance use...
March 2021
Labour market and inequality
Sarah Truen
The bulk of the South African freight rail network comprises a state-owned, vertically integrated operator, which essentially does not allow freight rail competitors to access its network (some passenger access arrangements are in place). Going...
February 2022