National Treasury Secure Data Facility updates

The National Treasury Secure Data Facility (NT-SDF) is pleased to introduce its latest dataset enhancements, including the refinement of data cleaning procedures to address minor inconsistencies and inefficiencies, along with the introduction of new variables to enhance specific datasets. The latest version of the datasets, version e5_v1, was released in the third quarter of 2023 and comes with a couple of adjustments. Firstly the dataset versioning system has been overhauled in an effort be clearer and more precise. The previous method, which relied on extraction numbers1 for versioning, sometimes led to confusion. This has been addressed by introducing a new, more intuitive format. Now, each dataset includes an extraction number, paired with a version number. The pairing eliminates any ambiguities. As an example, a new dataset from the fifth extraction is now labeled as e5-v1, clearly designating it as the inaugural version sourced from the fifth extraction of data.

Updated titles, files, and new additions

The dataset titles and file names have also been updated. Please note that this only applies to new or updated files; old versions file names are not renamed, as this would break too many dependencies. In the downloadable document below you will find details on the datasets that have been updated, and the three new datasets that have been added. The lists and the full names for the abbreviations are also detailed. Also included is a comprehensive readme file for each dataset, available on the server for use at the NT-SDF, to offer you more guidance and context.

Future developments

The data team is developing metadata for each dataset, which will be publicly available. Additionally, plans are underway to provide dummy datasets, enabling researchers to prepare code even when not at the NT-SDF. In 2024, NT-SDF will implement new processes and procedures to align with international best practices. A comprehensive data policy is under development and will be officially adopted upon completion. Please note that the lab will be closed during South African public holidays. Any additional downtimes for essential work will be communicated once dates are confirmed. We hope these enhanced resources will further support your research endeavours and look forward to keeping you updated on new developments.


Available data

Detailed information about the data is available here.

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