Reform implementation

This work stream is intended to support the implementation of structural reforms that are required to unlock higher levels of economic growth in South Africa. This work will be done with strong investments from both the National Treasury and the Presidency, both of which are jointly responsible for Operation Vulindlela (OV), an economic reform programme.

These reforms are seen as essential to sustainably boost growth and to create more inclusive growth. These include reforms in the network industries of electricity, digital communications, water, and freight transport —priorities because of their potential high impact on economic growth.

A government-wide project

Because OV is a government-wide project, this work stream is supported by a dedicated OV unit to monitor progress, escalate challenges, and provide support to fast-track implementation. The unit also provides independent monitoring of the reform process through progress reports. The OV unit currently consists of staff in National Treasury and the Presidency and draws on occasional expert advice from a wider network in South Africa.

Some of the goals for this project are already in bills before the South African Parliament, such as the Single Transport Economic Regulator (STER) Bill, which will create the required high-level legal framework for addressing regulatory gaps in freight rail. Research efforts will target the regulatory detail policymakers need to implement STER.

Additional topics for research will include:

  • Review of the regulatory environment, roles and responsibilities, and processes for issuing work permits
  • Development of a programmatic approach to private sector involvement in the development and management of source and bulk water infrastructure
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