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SA-TIED Dialogues – Research into Policy series

March 2021

During the months of April, May, and June, the SA-TIED programme will host six online policy dialogues as part of our SA-TIED Dialogues – Research into Policy series. 

As phase one of the SA-TIED programme comes to an end, the SA-TIED dialogue series will showcase research produced throughout the entirety of the programme, from 2018 to 2021, and fuel policy discussions between academia and South African policymakers.

Each work stream will host an online policy dialogue on an issue that best represents the research they accomplished over the last three years of the SA-TIED programme. Topics range from South Africa’s policy response to COVID-19, specifically in the area of tax and benefits, to the trade-offs between investing in development based on today's climate versus expected climate in the future. 

The SA-TIED Dialogues – Research into Policy series will not only wrap up the major accomplishments of each work stream, but serve as a valuable platform for researchers, policymakers, and audience members to engage with the work produced throughout the duration of the SA-TIED programme. 


Past policy dialogues

Tax and benefit responses to COVID-19 in South Africa

Climate-related investments: now or later?

International trade and global value chains

Funding social policy priorities amid economic inequality in South Africa

Macroeconomics and inequality in South Africa

Upcoming policy dialogue 

Strengthening regional economic development in southern Africa