Ivan Turok and Justin Visagie
Urbanization provides a unique opportunity to accelerate economic and social development across Africa. South Africa has some of the technical capabilities to support the process through systematic planning, institution building and investment in essential infrastructure...
February 2023
Anthony Black, Lawrence Edwards, Ruth Gorven, and Willard Mapulanga
Regional integration in Africa is underway but progress requires that the gains are widely spread. South Africa’s huge regional trade surplus in manufactured goods is leading to protectionist pressures in neighbouring countries. Agro-processing is a...
September 2022
Phase 1 regional growth
Joshua Budlender and Amina Ebrahim
The Employment Tax Incentive was introduced in 2014 in response to South Africa’s chronic structural youth unemployment crisis. Its aim was to encourage employers to hire young people by subsidizing their wages. ‘High youth unemployment,’...
November 2022
Labour market and inequality