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SA-TIED's presence at the Inequality, Work, and Nature Conference

November 2023

SA-TIED representatives recently participated in the Inequality, Work, and Nature Conference, held on 8 and 9 November 2023. This collaborative effort, led by The Presidency, The EU, and the African Centre of Excellence for Inequality Research at the University of Cape Town, focused on the critical intersection of climate change, inequality, and sustainable development. The conference provided a vital platform for experts, policymakers, and institutions to discuss and strategize solutions. It responds to the urgent need for comprehensive climate action, emphasizing the link between inequality and climate change. Vulnerable populations, in particular, bear the brunt of environmental disasters. The event stressed the necessity for ambitious mitigation policies and fundamental transformations in economies and labor markets to achieve a net-zero emissions society.

During the conference, Alboricah Rathupetsane presented an upcoming joint SA-TIED paper titled "South Africa’s Water–Energy–Food Nexus in the Context of Climate Change." Additionally, academic lead for Workstream 5, Mark Swilling, and policy lead for Workstream 6, Nomvuyo Guma, participated in a panel discussion exploring the critical role of research and evidence in shaping just transition policies and constructing the social frameworks required for broader ecological transitions.