Capacity Building for SA-TIED Research assistants

JULY 2023

SA-TIED research assistants recently completed the specialised training programme, "Data Wrangling with STATA: How to manage your empirical research project," offered by the University of Cape Town's Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit. This comprehensive programme focused on data management and analysis, explicitly addressing data wrangling using STATA.

The primary goal of this training programme was to equip research assistants with essential skills for efficiently handling and manipulating data. Participants actively learned techniques to address data imperfections, ensure data quality, and maintain transparency and reproducibility. The training programme also emphasized the critical role of data integrity in research practices.

Through this training programme, research assistants acquired technical expertise and a deeper understanding of rigorous data management. This knowledge will enhance their ability to contribute effectively to SA-TIED research projects. The collaborative learning environment also allowed them to engage with peers and experienced instructors, fostering a supportive community of learners.

Participation in this training programme reflects SA-TIED's commitment to the continuous learning and professional development of research assistants, ensuring they remain well-prepared for the demands of rigorous empirical research in their roles.