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First installment of SA-TIED and Econ 3X3 policy debate garners media attention and sparks engaging discourse on unemployment solutions

June 2023

South Africa witnessed a stimulating policy debate as the inaugural event of the SA-TIED (Sothern Africa Towards Inclusive Economic Development) and Econ 3X3 and policy debate series took place, focusing on rethinking traditional approaches to address unemployment. The lively discussion brought together leading experts, policymakers, and researchers to explore the potential impact of grant-based approaches as complementary measures to active labor-market policies, aiming to make significant strides in denting unemployment rates in the country.

The policy debate provided a platform for in-depth conversations on feasible and well-designed grant-based approaches, considering their role in conjunction with active labour-market policies. Panelists comprising esteemed experts and policymakers delved into the relationships between grant-based programmess and other policy interventions, aiming to maximize their collective impact on unemployment. The debate also examined the intricacies surrounding the implementation of such grants and drew insights from similar initiatives in other developing nations.

This initiative, as the first installment of the Econ 3X3 and SA-TIED policy debate series, emphasized the significance of fostering collaboration between policymakers and researchers. By encouraging robust dialogue and innovative thinking, the policy debate aimed to pave the way for effective solutions to tackle unemployment and drive sustainable economic growth.

The policy debate captured significant media attention, underscoring its importance and the public's keen interest in addressing unemployment. News outlets extensively covered the event, offering comprehensive coverage of the discussions, expert perspectives, and potential policy implications explored during the debate. The widespread media coverage served as a platform for sharing valuable insights and stimulating public discourse on innovative strategies to combat unemployment in South Africa.

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The upcoming installments of the Econ 3X3 and SA-TIED policy debate series promise to continue driving crucial conversations on pressing policy matters, further contributing to South Africa's economic development and progress.