28 Nov 2018 / 08:00 to 16:30
Macro-fiscal analysis
Technical workshop

Making macroeconomic policy models relevant for South Africa

This workshop is part of the capacity-building initiatives of the Macroeconomic modelling for policy formulation work stream. It will engage National Treasury Staff in a discussion about macroeconomic models and their application to South Africa. This is designed to develop further an important part of NT staff capabilities and their contribution to macroeconomic policy.

The programme builds on prior discussions of general macroeconomic models that were held on 4 April, 2018 in the "Reconstructing macroeconomics workshop". The broad aim for these discussions is to move beyond general models to a conception of macroeconomic modelling that accounts for South Africa’s special features. The conversation will focus on what should be included in a macroeconomic model to make it both useful and effective for policy analysis in South Africa.

Each topic will be introduced by a Presenter (approximately 20 minutes), discussion will be opened by a Discussant and followed by open discussion with participants.


Time Session Presenters
08:00  Coffee


08:30 Welcome and Introduction Rob Davies
08:45 Session: Review of issues in macromodelling

Presenter: Jonathan Ferreira

10:00 Session: Making both inequality and growth central to macroeconomics Presenter: Michael Sachs
11:15 Session: Key features of the South African labour market

Presenter: Sibusiso Gumbi / Discussant: Aalia Cassim

12:00 Lunch  
13:30 Session: Key features of the South African financial system 

Presenter: Keagile Lesame / Discussant: Manqoba Ntshakala

14:45 Session: Key features of the South African international macroeconomy Presenter: Goodness Aye
16:00 Workshop summary: Implications for research and policy Rob Davies
16:30 Close