Market structure, economic efficiency and violence in the South African Minibus Taxi Industry



Urban transport systems are of key importance to the functioning of cities, thedevelopment of urban enterprises, labour market outcomes like job-search costs, andthe ability of cities to generate the productivity  gains associated with agglomeration.This project proposes to empirically study the industrial organisation of the South African minibus taxi association using a large administrative database curated by the South AfricanDepartment of Transport.The minibus taxi industry is at the heart of South Africa’s urban transport network.This project will study the implications of the industrial organisation of the industry on commuter prices and outbreaks of taxirelated violence - one of the highest single causes of asassinations in South Africa. The project aims to contribute to the policy debate on how to incorporate the minibus taxi industry into South Africa’s urban transport strategy, and has implications for other African countries, where similar informal or semi-formal transport providers play an important role in urban mobility outcome.


Leonard Le Roux

Institution: Sciences Po