4 Apr 2018 / 10:00 to 17:00
April 2018
Climate and energy
Technical workshop

Reassessing macroeconomics: implications for South Africa

On 4 April, a workshop centring on the main principles of macroeconomies takes place at the National Treasury of South Africa. The event focuses on current, international discussions on modern macroeconomic models, including their strengths and weaknesses, alongside their applicability in the South African context. The one-day programme is designed to give participants a sound introduction to those debates and at the same time develop aspects of their research skills by engaging them in presenting and discussing critical expositions of newly published high-quality articles on the subject. Thirty-four selected government officials, mainly staff members from the National Treasury, participate in the workshop.

The workshop is part of the SA-TIED Workstream 3, Macroeconomic modelling for policy formulation, and is hosted by UNU-WIDER experts, Rob Davies and Laurence Harris.