30 Nov 2023 / 03:31
November 2017

SA-TIED launch

The new research programme, Southern Africa – Towards Inclusive Economic Development (SA-TIED), will launch with an official event on 30 November 2017. The meeting is split in two parts. The morning session is reserved for internal deliberations between staff and experts from UNU-WIDER, IFPRI, and key personnel from the participating, South African government bodies (NT, SARS, DPME, TIPS, and dti). This dialog serves to

  • Present the respective research to be carried out across the programme’s work streams
  • Explore opportunities for collaborations within the SA-TIED
  • Focus on how to maximize capacity building
  • Set a framework for procedures and workflow in the management of SA-TIED

In the afternoon, the event will be open to the public where local stakeholders and the media are invited to the official launch of SA-TIED. Monale Ratsoma, Deputy Director General at National Treasury, and Finn Tarp, Director at UNU-WIDER, will jointly present the SA-TIED to the public.