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SA-TIED Working Paper and blog featured in Railways Africa Magazine and podcast

August 2023

An SA-TIED research paper and blog post were recently featured in the Railways Africa Magazine and on the magazine's podcast – Coffee with the Editor. Authored by Sarah Truen, the blog post "Unlocking Efficiency – Overcoming Challenges in South Africa's Rail Freight Sector" delves into the intricacies of achieving success in the South African Railway sector. 

 In the Coffee with the Editor podcast episode, Sarah Truen further explores the challenges and complexities of introducing competition, enhancing operational efficiency, and enabling third-party access within the rail industry. The conversation uncovers the delicate balancing act required to establish a fair, competitive landscape while nurturing private sector engagement and investment.

 Truen elaborates on the significance of effective price differentiation, the implementation of regulatory mechanisms, and the pivotal role of collaboration among various stakeholders. If you're interested in gaining valuable insights into South Africa's rail freight sector and the steps needed to unlock its efficiency, we invite you to tune in to the podcast episode.

To read the full blog post based on the SA-TIED paper, click here, and listen to the podcast episode here.