SA-TIED´s Marvelous Kadzima wins best paper award at accounting review conference

January 2024

Marvelous Kadzima, a research assistant on the SA-TIED programme, has earned the Best Paper Award at the British Accounting Review's (BAR) Inaugural Annual Conference held at the University of Cape Town on December 8-9, 2023. In their collaborative work titled "Futureproofing comes at a cost: The surprising link between language and auditing fees," Marvelous, alongside co-authors Michael Machokoto, Akios Majoni, and Edward Chamisa, explored how the strength of future time reference in languages affects external audit pricing across countries. Marvelous's participation in the conference was made possible through the support of UNU-WIDER, underscoring the institute's commitment to fostering academic excellence and capacity building. As a research assistant on the SA-TIED programme, Marvelous actively contributes to the advancement of economic research.

About the BAR Inaugural Annual Conference:

The BAR Inaugural Annual Conference, hosted at the University of Cape Town, aimed to facilitate rigorous academic discussions on various innovative and crucial topics in accounting and finance research. The conference particularly sought papers that offered new insights through the exploration of unique datasets, application of novel methodologies, or the use of interdisciplinary approaches.