Working paper
by Refilwe Mokanse, Dorcas Kayo, Yoliswa Sambo, Mkhulu Maseko, and Cigdem Aslan
The research proposes a general approach to assessing and accurately quantifying fiscal obligations and the state’s contingent liabilities that arise from financing infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships (PPPs). It includes a method for assessing the...
July 2019
Macro-fiscal analysis
Working paper
Rob Davies and Dirk van Seventer
Technical change impacts both the employment intensity of production and the composition of occupations and skills of employment. Artificial intelligence, automation, and robots are already leading to machines undertaking routinizable tasks previously carried out by...
October 2020
Macro-fiscal analysis
Working paper
Brandon Joel Tan
There is a large literature on the minimum wage focused on directly exposed firms and geographies. This paper provides new evidence that the minimum wage has significant spillover effects on firms exposed to the minimum...
June 2021
Enterprise development
Working paper
by Dirk Van Seventer, Shannon Bold, Sherwin Gabriel, and Rob Davies
This paper documents the construction of a South African Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for the year 2015. The SAM is built using a Statistics South Africa (Stats SA, 2018) Supply Table (ST) and Use Table...
March, 2019
Macro-fiscal analysis
Jacob L. van der Merwe
The low rail market share for general freight and passenger transport along South Africa’s long corridors negatively impacts the cost of logistics, restricts economic growth, and underutilizes rail capacity. Opportunities exist to technically improve capacity...
April 2022
Journal article
By Konstantin Makrelov, Channing Arndt, Rob Davies, and Laurence Harris
We analyse implications of financial sector dynamics for fiscal expenditure multipliers in recessionary conditions. A new stock-flow consistent model is developed in which a financial sector with four financial instruments is integrated with the real...
September 2019
Macro-fiscal analysis